Action: The Cure for Coffee Shop Cancer

Action Removes Doubt

bokeh cafe chair coffee shop

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Do the people where you live have a scarcity mentality? Do they focus on the past more than the present? Or more importantly, the future?

Once it takes hold, a scarcity mentality is hard to overcome. It pervades everything. It is very much like a cancer.

The good news is, it can be cured. Action is the cure.

The link above from Real Small Towns showcases David Toland at Thrive Allen County. In the presentation, David discusses how Thrive has used action to steer discourse across their county from a scarcity mentality to one of abundance. Action is the key to unlocking this abundance, but it’s not easy and doesn’t happen over night.

I had the opportunity to meet David and to listen to some of Thrive’s projects at the National Rural Grocery Summit in Manhattan, KS in late June. What I appreciate the most about thrive is the recognition that development in and of community have to happen at the same time in order to be effective. More importantly, they now have the projects in place to show that it can happen.

Take a few moments and check out their website. It might give you some ideas about how you can overcome coffee shop cancer where you live!

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