The Will and the Deed

A 50 year old essay that is just as relevant today as it was after World War II. A great reminder of the cycles we are embedded in and the opportunities each cycle opens and closes.

Lost Art Press

Earl Gebhart (1876-1971), farmer in Preble County, Ohio

“It looks as though today we are at the beginning of a new era. Values are shifting and changing, in many ways coming nearer to an ancient order of things than once we would have thought possible. Work in farm and field has become once more of prime importance, so has the skill of the technician, the man with the trained hands. We are being compelled to live more realistically, to see money as of less importance than things, a token of barter of little worth unless there are the goods available for barter. We may feel indeed that the time is ripe for the revival of craftsmanship, for the craftsman can only be truly valued when things are truly valued, and when productive, creative work is put first in the scheme of things.

“We may feel that much of our old…

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