Leading with Lollipops

The internet will sometimes randomly throw something at you which changes your perspective on something forever. A few years ago this video by Drew Dudley, the founder of Day One Leadership, popped into my YouTube feed and has forever changed my perspective on leadership, what it means, and how it is celebrated.

Drew talks about lollipop moments: the small, random things we all do – and which we may not even recognize – can change someone’s life forever. It’s a reminder the little things matter and we all have the ability to impact someone or something in some way.

In this recent presentation, Drew talks about how ‘leadership recognized is leadership created’ – a refinement of his lollipop leadership lesson. Through consistently recognizing the positive, everyday things others have done to help us or others, we build a culture of leadership based around the things we can and already do. We help others realize the capacity within them, and the fact that what they do really does matter.

Have you told someone about the impact they’ve had on you – their lollipop moment? If not, take the time to do it!

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